About Us and other things

Welcome to PlowCam.com and thank you for visiting. PlowCam is brought to you by Environmental Paving Solutions, LLC. Based in Syracuse, NY, Environmental Paving Solutions (EPS) is best known for environmentally friendly pavements and for our commitment to quality in all of our installations. Although we at EPS pride ourselves on pavements, the Syracuse winter is not a great working environment and our operations switch to snowplowing. Syracuse averages almost ten feet of snow each season and has been known to frequently win the Golden Snowball Award, so we have a knack when it comes to snow and EPS is no different as you may witness.

EPS has one large commercial account that we service along with multiple residential accounts.  We plow additional private driveways as a result of working with Plowz.com, an on-demand snowplowing service. We also provide Syracuse and the surrounding areas with snow stacking and removal. For more information or for a quote for service, please Contact Us.

PlowCam has been evolving since 2010 when EPS was established:

  • 2011: Snowplow camera launched with one directive; keep me awake and entertained while I plow lots and driveways throughout Syracuse. That season we launched PlowCam with Justin.tv (now Twitch.tv) and with that, live snowplow camera was born.
  • 2012: Justin.tv was having issues supporting their app from which we broadcast so service was switched to UStream.tv, a much stronger service. PlowCam is a small fish in a big sea, however, and building fans has been slow but we continued to grow.
  • 2013: We upgraded from a 1999 Ford F-250 to a 2001 Ford F-350 and from the original Moto Droid to a Droid 4 mobile broadcasting platform. We now provide a better ride with a better view.
  • 2014: We bought PlowCam.com! We hope this will be a positive course for increasing views and connecting with more people.
  • Future plans include better lighting, more camera angles and more viewers. Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.  See you when the flakes fly!