It’s time for PlowCam!

PlowCamMan png
PlowCam Man Says: I am all ready to roll! If the snow monster has any brains he will stay out of MY CITY!
If he is stupid enough, fear not, I will kick his ICE!

    New to PlowCam? Here is what you can expect!

  • High energy snowplowing of parking lots and driveways throughout Syracuse, NY.
  • Pulse pounding action as the mortal enemy (snow) is removed from the great City of Syracuse by the one true hero PlowCam Man.
  • Edge of your office chair suspense as we tune in to see if PlowCam Man can resist his weakness; Dunkin Donutite.
  • You can even interact with PlowCam Man via his superhero powers AKA: The chat screen.


All this and more await you in the next episode of PlowCam.
4am-7am Eastern Time when it is snowing (check the forecast) and throughout the day as needed. Please follow & like us for updates as they happen.